The end of an era.

To all who have supported this site in the past and
still love the Rescue Rangers as much as I do:

    I would like to personally thank you for visiting the Rescue Rangers Homepage, up until the very end.  This site has been on the Internet since 1997, and at one point, this site had over 5,000 hits and was still growing.  Over the years, through highs, lows, moves, updates, and lack thereof, the site survived.  Last year, I was forced to move the site around, and was not able to update it for its return to Geocities.  Because I have had no time to update this site, I have decided to permanently close it on Geocities-Yahoo.

    I really hate to see another Rescue Rangers site go down, but I am left with no other option.  I may construct a few Rescue Ranger pages on my personal website in the future, as time permits.  It has been a lot of fun running on this site.  I am still a very big Rescue Ranger fan.

Thanks once again.