Amphicar Action Photos

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Amphicar SPLASH!


Amphicar Rearshot

heading for Lake George...

Amphicar Taskforce

Amphicar Taskforce Woodstock: Scourge of the Hudson

Michel Ferland's Amphicar emerging from the deep

Michel Ferland emerges from the deep!

Demented Amphicar Crew

Clearly a demented crew..Best give THEM an extra wide berth!

Marc Schlem's Amphicar in Lake George

Marc Schlem in Lake George

Another shot of Marc's Amphicar

another shot of Marc

A Fleet of Amphicars

a FLEET of Amphicars at the 1997 Convention

A swell reason to have an Amphicar

Reason #1187 why it's swell to have an Amphicar...


East Coast Amphicar for Expert Restoration and Repairs

Rupręcht Wilco's Mystic Research Nook & Amphicar Haven

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