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InfoPages is back after a brief shut-down, and this time its without frames. Although a few of the linked pages are still under construction, please visit all other pages, you never know what you may find here.

InfoPages is the place to be for getting to know the interesting links on the Net, cool stuff available for download, how do you make your own homepage, how to fine-tune your PC, etc. In short anything to do with a computer could be found here.

And soon to come by the end of July '97 is my new concept of E-Pals. Be sure to bookmark that page and come back to sign up as an E-member to make new friends across the world.

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Those who are using Netscape Navigator v3.0 or later will see animated links on the left side, when the mouse moves over them. This animation cannot be seen using MS Internet Explorer v3.0 or later. Thats because MSIE does not have good support for JavaScript. To know how to use this piece of script in your page click here.

Bored of surfing and surfing, are you ? Play live Tetris on my page right here. Hold on, there's a catch, only Java enabled browsers please.

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If you have an ugly e-mail address like weirdo@abcd.efgh.lmno.xyz and you want something small and easy for others to remember (something like abc@xyz.com) then there is a service called iName which gives you a smaller and neater e-mail address. Click on their banner below, to go to their registration page. It's FREE !
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