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   This site is designed to help the Local Bands of Southern California and those wanting to know more of/about them. The Calendar page is linked to the band and to the Venues page. The Calendar goes back to January 2002 so you can see when, where and how often some of the bands have been playing.

Notice: As most bands have their own calendar on their own web site the calendar will no longer be updated. Any special performances may be sent to us and we will post them here on the main page if requested. (08-24-2008)

Most of the bands you find here have their own web page. For those we link directly to it. If your band doesn't have a web page we offer web page building for a small fee.If you know of a local band that would like to be listed use the Submission Form button above and fill out the form. Even if the band isn't local to Southern California they can be submitted for the Not So Local section found after the Local bands.

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  If you're in need of eguipment, anything from strings all the way up to pro audio equipment, instruments and amps, give Music Gear Warehouse a look. They carry a full line of over 11,000 products.
  A number of bands have shown an interest in hitting the road to tour Northern California and are looking for other bands from here or there to do shows with. If any bands are interested please email us and we'll see who we can hook up. Be sure to include what style of band you are and are looking to show with. If you have a web page that is not listed here send us the URL so the other interested bands can check you out. No guarantees but we'll see what we can do for you.

One of the new additions to the link page is MidiPedia.
The website of Midipedia offer the download of more than 1'600 legal midi files free of charge. All the midis files are classified in alphabetical order for a more easily search. In each folder of artist or style you will find the album and in the album all the track in midi format. Check them out

If you find a new band from this site please tell them how you found them.

Please send us an email

Here are some of the latest bands you can check out on the Bands page


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If you haven't been to the newest venue we have listed check out All American Sports Bar and Grill. Located at 165 S. Harbor Blvd. La Habra, CA 90631. Go to our Venues page check out their web site and remember to tell them how you found them...
on the Local Bands of Southern California web site.

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