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Hi, Thankyou for coming to my Garden. I garden in a small town called Beeton. It's in Southern Ontario, Canada. We are in zone 5a here. My Garden started at ground zero in the Fall of 1996. The first thing I did was fix up the grass. It was 90% weeds. Then we added a tree to the back yard. I planted some perennials that I had brought with me from the last house. The next spring we added a front porch, and the front flower beds and put a fence up around the backyard. This spring we worked on the back flower gardens. The lawn is in a semi-circle with the gardens in the corners. One corner is a flower border, the other is vegetables. We plan on adding some brick pathways in the front yard and a deck and pond to the backyard.

This is one of my coloured sun flowers, a favorite of mine and a favorite of the Goldfinches that visit the yard. It reached a height of 8 feet and had over 20 flower heads on it.

This is a view of the back yard. The tall bush in the middle is a Butterfly Bush.

Another favorite of mine is this Delphinium. I have moved this plant with me from our last house. It blooms twice a year.

This is a before and after picture of our house...It was an inexpensive renovation with alot of impact!

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