2009 - last chance to read this on Geocities! /TITLE> <BODY BGCOLOR="#d2b48c"><P> <center> <h2>Steve Meigs hangs out here </h2> <BR><META HTTP-EQUIV="Nashville life" CONTENT="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1"> <META NAME="mytopic" CONTENT="Picket Fence yard flowers"> <META NAME="description" CONTENT="Steve Meigs, still alive"> <META NAME="keywords" CONTENT="Steve Meigs"></HEAD><BR><P> <img src="http://reocities.com/PicketFence/8555/hubwife.jpg"</a></center> </a> <BR> <P> <a href="http://www.reocities.com/PicketFence/8555/autobio.html"> <h2>Stories from my life</h2> </a><P> <BR></a><P> <b>SCIENCE AS MAGIC</b> <P> by Steve Meigs<P> <P> <BR>Driving by Limestone Cove last night<P> I gripped the wheel in fear<P> Again I barely missed<P> a crazy white tail deer.<P> <P><P> She leapt without a warning, <P> shadowy and fast. <P> Too late she started waving, <P> after she ran past.<P> <P> Then I saw her white flag, <P> and it occurred to me,<P> Here's one for mad scientists,<P> make a deer we can see.<P> <P><P> Engineer a new deer<P> before more dashing deer are dead.<P> It's easy, I'm sure, to do it.<P> Put her white tail on her head.<P> <P> <P> <BR><P><P> <P> <P> <br> <P><br> You can reach me: stevemeigs at juno dotcom <P> Web site Copyright 2008 by Steve Meigs <P> <P> <IMG SRC="frog.gif" <P><p>