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Aggressive inline skating is a great sport that's growing more commercial day-by-day ... but the major message is to skate for yourself. Don't get caught up in trying to get sponsored, and to win all the competitions. When you started skating you weren't concentrating on getting money and fame; you were concentrating on having fun! So don't forget why you're skating, be respectful, wear the pads, and keep doing what you love, skating. -Adam Hayden

Table Of Contents:

find info on all the great grinds, and pick up some tips on curb waxing

pretty self-explanatory ... and keep sending me your pix

aggro skating terms
here's a great big list of terms ... enough said

java chat room
This is a chat room that requires java..duh! Try to get your friends in here and we can have a nice session

bulletin board
here's my bulleting board ... i really like it, check it out

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mailing list
my aggro mailing list that focuses on all aspects of aggro inlining

Here's links to mail order companies, manufacturers, and aggro home pages. If you have a page, send me the link and I can add you to the list! Thanx!

skater survey
a great new survey each month ... the results from the preceeding survey will be on the
bulletin board

my profile
Here's some junk about me......You can find stuff on where I was born to favorite tricks!

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And that's it for now.... Email me with suggestions, or anything else.  And for all you people with AOL, my screen name is 'Ed2000'.....'til next time...Keep Skatin!

Created by:  Adam Hayden
Created on: November 22, 1997
Modified: January 23, 1998