First, I would like to apologize, it took me more than a year to update my homepage. It was really a busy year last year and I don't really have a time to go and mess up my homepage.

Current news:

  1. I've moved to a not-so-new house located in a very famous area in Ampang called Bukit Antarabangsa. Why it become famous? Click here to read the story behind it (in Malay/in English).
  2. I've upgraded my car to another national car called Wira. Click here to see my car or click here to bring you to the manufacturer homepage.
  3. I'm still in SAP world and doing ABAP/4 programming for living, I've tried harder to get into BASIS but it seems almost impossible for me. If you're interested in peeking my resume, click the following links for my SAP resume or for my generic resume. Links to SAP resources online is available here.
  4. I've got myself a new personal computer at home and guess what? It is called an iMac, a Bondi Blue iMac to be exact, running on PowerPC at 233Mhz, 64Meg RAM, 4GigHD and ATI Range Pro 6Meg VRAM. I'm updating this homepage using Netscape Composer on Linux and Kai's Photo Soap 2 on my iMac.
  5. I've got myself an Ariston USB video grabber (lastly!) and I'm putting more and more photos into this page. Click the following link to see my family photo collections in our recent trip to Cameron Highland, and previous trips going around Malaysia and Singapore last year.
  6. I'm still into Linux, running on my 8 months Mitac 5033 notebook and it has become my primary operating system. My Linux setup and links to other Linux sites that interest me can be found here.
  7. I've ordered LinuxPPC R5 to run on my iMac and I'll update this homepage when I got it and get it to run on my iMac. Check out iMac Linux homepage on how to get Linux to run on iMac.
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